In the global pandemic situation, the team of the Leul de Aur Hotel suspends its activity during the emergency period. The health of our clients, partners and employees is paramount to us. For any questions or information, we are present on the online platforms and on the phone! Thank you!


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The “Leul De Aur” Hotel

“Leul de Aur”, both the newest and oldest hotel in Sebes, was built in the year 1417, being for a long time the only inn of the old fair Sebes, one of the most important towns of Medieval Transylvania. Today the little burgh is one of the most crossed towns in the country, being a road junction for those who want to reach Bucuresti, Cluj or Arad and is situated at a distance of 50 km from the International Airport – Sibiu.
Today the building, which is situated in the centre of Sebes, is completely renovated but it still has the characteristics, which made it famous, its past being combined with the equipment and finishing work of the latest generation. Nothing of the architectural aspect of those times has been changed.


cazare 4 stele Sebes


Leul de Aur Hotel has 27 four stars rooms, for one or two persons, prepared for their clients. The rooms have a wide range of services. Details»

cazare 3 stele Sebes


Inside of the Leul de Aur Hotel, quiet and comfort can be found by the customers. The hotel has 21 three stars rooms. Details»

restaurant Sebes


Keeping in mind the preferences of our clients, we have conceived a bar, a wine cellar and a conference room which can be used for: receptions. Details»